Where is Logic Analyzer used?

Embedded System Testing :

Embedded System have multiple devices and each of the devices uses bus to communicate to the main chip or processer and other devices in the system. The Embedded system generally has SPI and I2C device to communicate to main processer. Logic analyzer can be very useful to debug and validate the embedded system and figure our failures of any of devices in the embedded system.

Post silicon validation:

During the chip development process, Once the Chips is back from the foundry all the interface of the Chip or SoC needs to be tested. Most of the SoC or chips have I2C,SPI and UART interface. The logic analyzer is a very handy tool for the hardware validation engineer to debug all the various digital channels of I2C, SPI failures.

Pre Silicon validation:

In chip or SoC development, before the chip is taped out its engineering manager needs get the confidence development of chip, Emulation platforms like Zebu or Palladium are commonly used to do the hardware validation.  Logic analyzer can be a very useful assist tool for the emulation engineer to check for sanity of the communication interface like I2C and SPI along with the emulation Platform.

What are the various Features of Logic analyzer?

Logic Analyzer comes with the following features:

  • Channel Count: The maximum number of digital Channels supported by the logic analyzer. The more the channels the more debug capability.
  • Triggering: Each of the logic analyzers and equipped with various kinds of trigger, multi-level triggers, multiple consecutive event triggers etc.
  • Sample Rate: This defined by the maximum frequency that can be measured by the logic analyzer.
  • Channel Bandwidth: The logic analyzer needs to have the ability capture glitches, setup and hold time issues in the embedded design .The lower the resolution of measurement by the logic analyzer the better are the issues that can be captured in the design.

How to integrate Logic analyzer in the development Environment?

The Channels which are being measured needs to be connected directly to logic analyzer probes. The logic analyzer also provides access to API libraries. These API can be integrated into the development environment and advanced level of validation and testing can be achieved.

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