Automotive Ethernet vs Ethernet

What is Automotive Ethernet?

Automotive Ethernet is designed for in-vehicle communication between the various subsystem of the automobile. Automotive Ethernet is also known as 100 base T1. The subsystem can be connectivity, gateway, ADAS, or the infotainment system.

What is Standard Ethernet?

Standard Ethernet is designed for networking computers and workstations and other devices working on the network. The standard Ethernet is also known as 100 Base TX.

What is the difference between Automotive Ethernet and Ethernet (Automotive Ethernet vs Ethernet)?

1. Automotive Ethernet length is a maximum of 15 meters, due to the harsh environment of the automobile.

2. Automotive Ethernet uses single differential unshielded copper twisted pair, and is lightweight, and costs less to manufacture.

3. Automotive Ethernet connecter type is not defined; Normal Ethernet uses RJ45 connector.

4. PAM-3 signal encoding is used for Automotive Ethernet.

5. 100 Base Tx the maximum length specified is 100 meters.

6. 100 BASE Tx uses a dedicated transmit and receive path.

What are the Protocol Analysers to Debug Automotive Ethernet?

Prodigy offers a protocol analyzer to capture and monitor Automotive Ethernet. Automotive Ethernet protocol analyzer has advanced capability to allow very long captures which is very useful for the design engineer during the debug.