I3C Protocol Test Suite

Prodigy’s Comprehensive I3C Protocol Solutions, offers unmatched performance, exceptional value, and a diverse range of products for post-silicon validation, emulation, physical layer characterization, production testing, and debugging. Discover endless possibilities and seamless integration with Prodigy’s industry-leading I3C solutions.

Comprehensive I3C Protocol Solutions

Our I3C Testing Solutions

I3C Exerciser & Protocol Analyzer

I3C Protocol Analyzer & Exerciser
  • Master (Controller) and/or Slave (Target) Support
  • Amplitude & Timing Variation: 0.9V or 3.6V in steps of 30mV
  • Protocol Error Injection
  • Hot Join & In-Band Interrupt
  • Hardware-Based Protocol Aware Trigger
  • Generation of I3C traffic, Protocol Decode of the Bus
  • API Support: Python & C++

I3C Exerciser & Protocol Analyzer Lite

I3C Protocol Analyzer & Exerciser Lite
  • Master or Slave Emulation of I3C
  • System Design and Validation
  • Fixed Amplitude (1V, 1.2V, 1.8V, 2.5V, 3.3V)
  • Hot Join & In-Band Interrupt
  • Hardware based Protocol Aware Trigger
  • API Support: Python

I3C Logic Analyzer

16CH Logic Analyzer
  • Hardware-Based Protocol Aware Trigger
  • System Design Support
  • Cost-effective Debugging Solution

I3C USB Adapter

I3C USB adapter
  • Comprehensive Production Test Solution
  • Fixed Voltage Level for Reliable Testing
  • Seamless Integration
  • API Support: Windows and Linux OS

I3C Electrical Validation & Protocol Decode

I3C Electrical Validation Software
  • Post Silicon Physical Layer Validation
  • Electrical Validation of I3C Specification
  • I3C CTS
  • Flexibility to configure reference levels for electrical measurements and customize limits
  • Utility features that improve user convenience.
  • API Support: Python

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