SPI Electrical Validation and Protocol Decode Software

SPI Electrical Validation and Protocol Decode Software offers electrical measurements compliance testing and protocol decoding as specified in SPI specification. PGY-SPI Electrical validation and Protocol decode software runs in Tektronix Oscilloscope and provides electrical measurements and protocol decode at the click of a button. This allows engineers quickly check for SPI compliance and flexibility to debug the failure. In addition to this engineers can decode the command and response of SPI to debug the communication. PGY-SPI takes advantage of digital channels of MSO and provides the decoding of SPI data lines.

SPI Electrical Validation and Protocol Decode Software

The PGY-SPI Electrical measurements and Protocol Decode Software offers electrical measurements and protocol decoding for SPI buses. This software provides the flexibility to set reference levels for electrical measurement and customized limits making it the most versatile solution to meet different needs of characterizing SPI Signals. Now design and test engineers can automatically make accurate and reliable electrical measurements and decode protocols in PGY-SPI software using data acquired by Tektronix DPO5000, TDS7000, DPO/DSA/MSO7000 oscilloscope series to reduce the development and test cycle.

Seamless Integration with Oscilloscope

PGY-SPI Software runs inside the Tektronix oscilloscopes and makes the electrical measurements, decodes protocols and displays the decoded data in a table, and links the decoded data to the electrical signal in the waveform plot. SPI Protocol-based trigger can be set up using the built-in SPI trigger capabilities in Tektronix oscilloscopes.

Reference Level Setup

There are no standard measurement limits defined for SPI Bus for pass/fail tests. The limits are varying in nature depending on the SPI Bus speed. In order to characterize and validate SPI signals PGYSPI software provides a graphical measurement reference level setup to set the measurement reference level of SPI signals. These limits are automatically applied while making selected SPI measurements in PGY-SPI software and reduce test time by offering reliable measurements.



Electrical Measurements Clock Frequency Data In Hold Time MOSI
Clock High Time Output Disable Time
Clock Low Time Output Hold time
Clock Rise Time Data In Setup Time MISO
Clock Fall Time Data In Hold Time MISO
Clock Cycle Time
Chip Select Deselect
Chip Select Hold Time
Data in Setup Time MOSI Chip Select Setup Time
Bus Speed Custom; Limited by Oscilloscope Bandwidth
Protocol Decode Hexadecimal, Octal, Binary, Decimal, ASCII
Waveform Window Overlay of protocol decode data on waveform
Report Generation A customizable report in HTML format
Export of data CSV and Txt format

The product features are as follows:

  • Automated electrical measurements with a customizable reference level of SPI electrical signal.
  • Automated measurements independent of the speed of SPI Bus
  • Customizable measurement limit setup for pass/fail validation of electrical signal to enable measurements at different data speeds.
  • Decodes SPI signals MOSI and MISO for easy understanding of protocol
  • Links the protocol content to the electrical signal in the oscilloscope for easy understanding of the electrical characteristics of the protocol
  • Overlays the protocol data on the analog waveform is a waveform plot window
  • Zooms the selected SPI packet content in the decode table in the waveform plot waveform window for easy analysis of electrical characteristics of the I2C frame
  • Ability to view protocol and decode data in hexadecimal, decimal, binary, octal, and ASCII formats
  • Ability to store the SPI protocol data in CSV and txt format
  • Utility features like zoom, undo, and fit the screen for easy debugging while correlating the protocol data to the waveform
  • Report generation in HTML format
  • Supports wfm and isf file formats for offline analysis
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