Everything you need to know about UFS Protocol & debugging UFS Protocol

What is UFS Protocol?

Universal Flash Storage (UFS) is a flash storage specification for digital cameras, mobile phones and consumer electronic devices. UFS 3.0 basically incorporates support for the latest high-density NAND memories and supports the latest and smarter interconnects between your phone’s chipset and memory for faster and more reliable communication between the two.

What are the benefits of UFS?

UFS storage is much faster and reliable than the eMMC flash storage standard, which is still used in budget phones. In 2019, the JEDEC Solid State Technology Association, which is responsible for the development of standards for the microelectronics industry, announced UFS 3.0

How to debug UFS Protocol?

UFS Protocol Analyzer (PGY-UFS3.X-PA) is the Protocol Analyzer with multiple features to capture and debug communication between host and design under test. PGY-UFS3.X-PA, UFS Protocol Analyzer, value based analyzer in its class, offers capture and debug of data across MPHY, UniPro and UFS protocol layers. It allows for instantaneous decoding of UFS layer, UniPro layer and MPHY layer with flexibility to correlate decoded data across these protocol layers.

Features of Prodigy UFS Protocol Analyzer

Equalizer & Memory

PGY-UFS3.X provides flexibility the set TX and RX CTLE and DFE equalizer to address reflection and poor SI signals while probing the MPHY signals. This helps in reducing the error decoding of packets. Newly introduced hardware based circular buffer provides the flexibility to continuously capture the protocol data and analyze the data in circular buffer size. User can set trigger on circular buffer and capture the protocol data at specific events.

UFS Protocol Layer Decode

PGY-UFS3.X-PA Software can display each UFS packet parameters in a listing window. Right click lists all the packet parameter for user selection. User can color code the fonts or background color for easy identification for each UFS packet.

PACP & UniPro View

PGY-UFS3.X-PA Software separates the PACP packets in a separate view for easy analysis of power mode change packets and link to UniPro packets. Users can view the MPHY states stall, prepare, sync information in UniPro view apart from user selection for L_Data and AFC/NACK Packet details.

Error Events, Search and Filter

PGY-UFS3.X-PA Software does the live decode and list all the events. The list of events are shown in this picture. Users can easily note the errors in captured protocol data. In large buffer capture, it takes extremely difficult to locate the errors. But PGY-UFS3.X-PA software simplifies this by listing events while decoding the captured data. Search and Filter allows you directly locate the error events or UFS or UniPro or PACP packet in the protocol listing windows. Filter-in and Filter-out makes it easy view the data of interest in the protocol listing window.

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