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PGY-SSMlite SD (SD2.0 and SD3.0(UHS-I)) Protocol Analyzer
Prodigy | PGY-SSMlite SD (SD2.0 and SD3.0(UHS-I)) Protocol Analyzer
PGY-SSMlite SD (SD2.0 and SD3.0(UHS-I)) Protocol Analyzer

PGY-SSMlite SD Protocol Analyzer is the most feature rich comprehensive Protocol Analyzer available to capture and debug SD protocol data. PGY-SSMlite Protocol Analyzer supports SD, Protocol analysis for wide data rate up to 200MHz SDR mode (UHS-I). The innovative active probe has minimum electrical loading on device under test (DUT) and allows the protocol data capture without affecting the performance DUT. PGY-SSMlite protocol analyzer allows industry first continuous streaming of protocol data from PGY-SSMlite Protocol Analyzer to host system (using USB3.0 or GbE interface). Comprehensive decoding of data, protocol tests, and error analysis enables verification of communication of SD host and device.

PGY-SSMlite Protocol Analyzer allows Design and Test Engineers to test and debug SD, by triggering on command, response and its arguments. PGY-SSMlite Protocol analyzer instantaneously provides decoding of response, CID, CSD registers. The Analytics feature offer graphical representation of command, response, data and frequency of operation for the acquired duration.

The product features are as follows:

  • Continuous monitoring and streaming of protocol data to capture elusive events (more than 30GB data capture)
  • Protocol tests of captured data for protocol integrity, CMD CRC errors, Response CRC
    errors, Data CRC errors, Timing Values and Reserved commands
  • Hardware based protocol aware trigger capability enables capturing specific
  • User can identify the anomalies by decoding command and response argument
  • Analytics provides analysis of acquired protocol data by plotting command, response, data and frequency of operation over acquired time
  • Analytics provides the decoding of device registers for easy analysis
  • Filter feature allows you to view specific packets in decoded protocol packets
  • Search for specific events in protocol activity
  • Easy to use software user interfaces reduces the learning curve of protocol analysis
  • Software is designed to handle long duration capture and display the decoded data without demanding extensive resources in host computer
  • Insertion of markers in protocol activity helps in correlating the input digital signal with Protocol Activity
  • Trigger out signal for any specific protocol event allows triggering of other instruments such as oscilloscope
  • Interface to host system using USB3.0 or Gigabit Ethernet interface
  • Flexibility to upgrade the hardware firmware using GbE interface provides easy field up gradation of firmware
  • Decoded data packets can be exported to txt file for further analysis


Interfaces Supported SD2.0 SD3.0 (UHS-I) Specifications
Protocol Decode Command, Response, CRC, Data, Arguments, Device registers
Data Decode 1 bit, 4 bit
Protocol Test Protocol Integrity, CRC Errors, Timing values, Data CRC Errors, Reserved commands
Operating Voltage levels 1.8V, 3.3V
Storage Capability Continuous streaming of protocol activity upto 30GB or 4 to 5 hour capture duration
Capture Mode Manual Run/Stop, Time specific
Capture Duration time 1 sec to 5 hours
Trigger on Command, Response, CRC errors, Sequential trigger
Trigger Actions Capture data and/or trigger out signal
Signal Input Digital Signal input to mark the activities in Protocol activity
Host System Interface USB3.0 or GbE interface
Host Machine Minimum Requirements Microsoft Windows® 8, Windows 7, 16GB of RAM; Storage with at least 50 GB HDD space for the storing the acquired data. Display with resolution of at least 1024x768


Prodigy | Measurement selections

PGY-SSMlite Protoocol Analyzer provides USB3.0 and GBe interface for host connectivity. PGY-SSM software runs in host machine enables configuration of PGY-SSM hardware for SD protocol analysis High-speed host connectivity enables continuous streaming of protocol data and storage for long period of time.

Comprehensive Protocol Analysis
PGY–SSMlite Software provides industry best protocol analysis capabilities. Easy to use uder interface reduces the protocol analysis time. Time stamped view of protocol decode listing provides easy view of protocol activities between host and device. At click of a button user can get decode of argument of Response from the device. Decoding of CSD registers, CID registers provides detail information on devices. Analytics features quickly provide insight into protocol activity without going through the complete protocol activity.

Prodigy | Comprehensive Protocol Analysis

A) Trend plot of command, response, data and frequency over capture time

Prodigy | Analytics

Analytics view provides birds view of protocol activity for the captured long duration data. It reduces analysis time by viewing plot command; response, data and frequency of operation of captured data .User can search for specific command or response in the plot.

B) Card/Device Information: Card information in Analytics decodes register values of device. Now user no need manually decode each register values. This decode provides the details of device at click of button.

Prodigy | Card/Device Information

Host Machine Minimum Requirements: Microsoft Windows® 8, Windows 7, 16GB of RAM; Storage with at least 50 GB HDD space for the storing the acquired data. Display with resolution of at least 1024x768.

Ordering Information
The ordering information is as follows:

  • PGY-SSMlite SD Protocol Analyzer
    (Shipment includes Hardware, software CD, one set probe, USB3.0 and Ethernet Cable, power adapters)
  • Warranty:
    Hardware and software carries warranty of one year.
    Probes are covered three month warranty for any manufacturing defects

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