Post Silicon Protocol
Validation Solution

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Next generation silicon chips power every digital device we use in our everyday life. Silicon chips are the foundation to everything right from smartphones to data centers and also power the next generation solutions of artificial intelligence. Prodigy Technovations is a leader in the protocol analysis space helping engineers with advanced state of the art protocol analysis tools to accelerate the post silicon development.

Prodigy Technovation Silicon Validation solutions portfolio offers advanced tools to engineers to debug during the post silicon development.

Key Benefits

Leading-edge semiconductor companies are packing billions of transistors and need smart and innovative post-silicon protocol validation solutions to develop next-generation Artificial intelligence, Edge computes solutions. Deliver your protocol post-silicon validation with confidence.

Automate Development

 Automate your post silicon debug using API and ability to run long capture duration to catch all the corner cases issues in the design.

Accelerate Debug

State machine analysis view helps you avoid

human errors during debug of the protocol data.

Validate System Design

Advanced solutions enable engineers to vary timing and amplitude parameters and validate new chips in the system.

Product Groups


Protocol Analyzer

Protocol Analyzer enables engineers to decode protocol data during emulation.

Protocol Exerciser

Protocol Exercisers enables engineers to generate protocol data .

 Electrical Validation software

Electrical validation software helps engineering measure timing related issues in the bus protocols.

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