Memory Storage Technologies for Drones 

Drones are being used in a wide range of applications in today’s world. It has been successfully implemented across sectors like surveillance, agriculture, rescue and many more. The cutting-edge technology of Drones has redefined the way we capture images and videos. 

Drone is going to be capturing a lot of video and photos, which will take up memory. Choosing the right type of memory card is critical if you want your drone to perform at its peak.

How does the Drone OEM go ahead and select the memory for next generation Drones?

What are the factors for selecting the Drone memory storage solution?

Drone memory solution is selected based on the following factors 

  • Storage Capacity
  • Performance
  • Speed
  • Light weight
  • Reliability
  • Security 

What is the path forward?

While storage capacity is one concern for all devices, in case of drones the weight of the card plays a very important role as well. The card is also subject to extreme temperature and vibrations and this can cause the data to be corrupted. Hence having a reliable SD card is important. Drones are also used for capturing the video as well. The speed of capture ie UHS Speed class of the card will help us guide through the speed of capture. There are various memory vendors such as Samsung, SD, Micron offer SD/EmmC card for such applications.  The drone OEM or the manufacturer needs to run a lot of tests for data integrity in order to ensure SD or EmmC card interface is robust and works with any of card manufactures.

Prodigy Technovations offers state of art advanced tools to test SD ,emmC ,UFS and PCIe interfaces of the memory. The tools can help Drone manufacturer debug protocol data and help find out very critical timing and protocol integrity issues