Everything you need to know about I2C and SPI Protocol & debugging I2C and SPI Protocol

How to debug I2C and SPI Protocol?

I2C Protocol Analyzer and SPI Protocol Analyzer (PGY-I2C/SPI-EX-PD) are the Protocol Analyzers with multiple features to capture and debug communication between host and design under test. PGY-I2C/SPI-EX-PD is the leading instrument that enables the design and test engineers to test the respective I2C or SPI designs for its specifications by configuring the PGY-I2C/SPI-EX-PD as Master/Slave, generating I2C/SPI traffic and decoding the I2C/SPI protocol decode packets

Features of Prodigy I2C and SPI Protocol Analyzer

Multi-Domain View

Multidomain View provides the complete view of I2C or SPI Protocol activity in single GUI. User can easily setup the analyser to passively monitor or use the exerciser to generate I2C or SPI traffic using a GUI or script. User can set different trigger conditions from the setup menu to capture Protocol activity at specific event and decode the transition between Master and Slave. The decoded results can be viewed in timing diagram and Protocol listing window with autocorrelation. This comprehensive view of information makes it industry best, offering an easy to use solution to debug the I2C or SPI protocol activity. Continuous streaming protocol activity to host system HDD/SSD ensures seamless roll mode operation without the need to recapture data when DUT/s are set to different states thereby saving test times.


PGY- I2C/SPI -EX-PD supports I2C or SPI traffic generation using GUI and Script. User can generate traffic using the GUI to test the DUT. Script based GUI provides flexibility to emulate the complete expected traffic in real time.

Timing Diagram & Protocol Listing View

Timing view provides the plot of Clock and data signals with bus diagram. Overlaying of Protocol bits on the digital timing waveform will help easy debugging of Protocol decoded data. Cursor and Zoom features will make it convenient to analyse Protocol in timing diagram for any timing errors.

Powerful Trigger Capabilities

PGY-I2C/SPI-EX-PD supports simple trigger capabilities. Analyzer can trigger on any of the Protocol packet. Advanced Trigger provides the flexibility to monitor Multiple trigger conditions and can set multiple state trigger machine. User can initiate a timer and trigger on set timer values.

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