The following figure shows interfacing I2C-EEPROM with 8051 microcontroller. Here, I2C is a master- slave protocol, that includes the data along with clock pulse. Typically, the master device switched the clock line, SCL. This line orders the data timing which transfers on the I2C bus. Unless the clock is operated, no data will be transferred. All slaves are controlled by the same clock, SCL.

I2C bus supports the various devices where each device is identified by a unique address whether it is an LCD driver, memory card, microcontroller or interfacing of keyboard which can operate as Tx or Rx depends on the functioning of the device. The controller is designed to control the EEPROM device via I2C protocol. Here, he I2C protocol works as a master device and regulates EEPROM and it works as a slave. The R/W operations are proficient by transferring a set of control signals comprising the address AND/ OR data bus. These signals should be attended with suitable clock signals.

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