STEPg1 Electrical Validation and Protocol Decode Software

STEPg1 is a 12Gbps high speed serial link in Intel’s 16th generation core and future products. STEPg1, an Intel patented technology, utilizes Pulse Width Modulation of the positive and negative pulses for transmission of serial data and thus results in an increased number of bits per cycle. STEPg1 is a time domain encoded protocol which works with a reduced supply voltage. Prodigy Technovations has developed fully automated electrical measurement software to validate the electrical and protocol layer specification of STEPg1 interface.

STEPg1 Electrical Validation and Protocol Decode Software

PGY-STEPg1 electrical and protocol decode software seamlessly integrates with Tektronix DPO7000DX/SX series oscilloscope and provides all the necessary electrical measurements and protocol decoded data at touch of a button.

PGY-STEPg1 software automatically identifies the Symbol0, Symbol1, symbol2, Symbol3, Symbol6 in the acquired waveforms and makes the applicable measurements and decodes the waveform.



  • Protocol Decoding of the acquired waveform into BTU’s (Basic Transport Unit)
  • Software Automatically identifies the different symbols, delimiters and idle and makes the electrical measurements.
  • Color marking of the control and data symbols of the BTU.
  • Jitter measurements of repetitive symbols (Prerequisite: DPOJET Software tool is required).
  • Electrical measurements are made for the entire acquired waveform and hence increases the reliability of the measurements.
  • Automation of Software using python scripting is supported.
  • User defined limit setup for electrical measurements.
  • Automatically saves the waveform images for minimum and maximum measurement values of each electrical parameter to the report.
  • Export of results to CSV and txt files
  • Report generation is supported for documentation.
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