PDU-R UART/RS232C Protocol Decode Software

UART Electrical Validation and Protocol Decode Software offers electrical measurements compliance testing and protocol decoding as specified in UART specification. PGY-UART Electrical validation and Protocol decode software runs in Tektronix Oscilloscope provides electrical measurements and protocol decode at click of button. This allows engineers quickly check for UART compliance and flexibility to debug the failure. In addition to this engineer can decode the command and response of UART debug the communication. PGY-UART takes advantage of digital channels of MSO and provides the decoding of UART data lines.

PDU-R UART/RS232C Protocol Decode Software

PDU-R with DPO70000/DSA70000 high bandwidth oscilloscope series can be used to debug the UART/RS232 serial buses. This enables designer to use DPO/DSA70000 series oscilloscope for debugging of UART/RS232C signals along with high speed designs SATA/DDR/HDMI/FBDIMM/PCI-E and so forth.

Advanced Debug Capabilities

The feature rich PDU-R UART/RS232 protocol decode software imports the oscilloscope acquired UART/RS232 data and displays the decoded data in different data format. PDUR provides flexibility of setting the numbers bits in stop/start of the UART frame.

For easy and quick analysis, PDU-R offers flexibility to display the order of MSB and LSB bit in decoded byte. User can define number bits per data byte makes PDU-R a customizable view of the decoded data. These features make PDU-R software industry best decode and debug UART signals.

In PDU-R Protocol Decode Software user can quickly link the decoded data to waveform by selecting data in result table. In detailed view, the ‘1’ and ‘0’ is overlaid on the waveform for quick analysis of data transition. When signals are decoded from a wfm or CSV file, the PDU-R waveform display would plot the waveform enabling simultaneous view of time and data domain of UART signals.

The product features are as follows:

  • Converts time domain waveform information into data domain, and displays the contents in UART/RS232C message format.
  • Simultaneous waveform and decoded data display in a single window allows efficient debugging.
  • Ability to link any UART/RS232C frame to the waveform, allows efficient analysis of UART/RS232 communication.
  • Ability to zoom the waveform for any of the decoded data allows engineers to note analog characteristics of the waveform.
  • The detailed view overlays the binary data on the waveform for selected UART/RS232 data
  • Flexibility to view the decoded data in hex, binary, decimal and ASCII format.
  • Search function helps in quickly locating the specific data in thousands of decoded UART/RS232 messages.
  • Time stamp with reference to trigger position allows engineers know the timing of data from the trigger position.
  • Offline analysis with the Ref waveforms, .wfm (Tektronix oscilloscope’s internal waveform file format) and .csv files
  • Capability to save the decoded messages in CSV format.

Oscilloscopes Supported
Tektronix Oscilloscope:

  • DPO7000 Series
  • DPO/DSA70000 Series
  • DPO5000 Series

Ordering Information
The ordering information is as follows:

  • PDU-R UART/RS232 Protocol Decode Software. Includes: CD with Software.
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