MIPI-MPHY-UniPRO/LLI/UFS Protocol Decode Software

MIPI LLI Electrical Validation and Protocol Decode Software offers electrical measurements compliance testing and protocol decoding as specified in LLI specification. PGY-MIPI LLI Electrical validation and Protocol decode software runs in Tektronix Oscilloscope provides electrical measurements and protocol decode at click of button. This allows engineers quickly check for LLI compliance and flexibility to debug the failure. In addition to this engineer can decode the command and response of LLI debug the communication. PGY-MIPI LLI takes advantage of digital channels of MSO and provides the decoding of LLI data lines.

MIPI-MPHY-UniPRO/LLI/UFS Protocol Decode Software

The PGY-UPRO/LLI/UFS Protocol Decode Software offers extensive protocol decoding for MIPI-MPHY-UniPRO, LLI, and UFS protocol standards. This software offers Real-time hardware based UniPRO/UFS Protocol aware trigger for PWM, NRZ and 8B/10B data type. Now design and test engineers can automatically make accurate and reliable decode of multi-lane UniPRO/LLI/UFS using PGY-UPro/LLI/UFS software using data acquired by Tektronix, DPO/DSA/MSO70000 oscilloscope series to reduce the development and test cycle.

Seamless Integration with Tektronix Oscilloscope

PGY-UPRO/LLI/UFS runs inside the Tektronix oscilloscopes and decodes protocols and displays the decoded data of multiple lanes. This software links the decoded data to the electrical signal in the oscilloscope display. UniPRO/LLI Protocol-based trigger can be set up using the built-in high speed serial trigger capabilities in Tektronix oscilloscopes.

UniPRO Protocol Aware Trigger

PGY-UPRO/LLI/UFS software provides protocol aware trigger conditions such as link start-up sequence, PHY adapter layer content and data link layer content. The unique capabilities in this software allow trigger data type such as PWM, NRZ or 8B/10B serial data of the protocol. PGY-UPRO supports following Protocol Aware Trigger capabilities.



Trigger Event Trigger Content
Link Start up Sequence (LSS) Trigger on LSS Phase 1 (TRG_UPR_0)
Trigger on LSS Phase 2 (TRG_UPR_1)
Trigger on LSS Phase 3 (TRG_UPR_2)
PHY Adapter layer Content PACP_PWR_req
Data Link layer Content Data_SOF
AFC (Acknowledgement)
NAC (No Acknowledgement)

PGY-UFS is module is optional module to PGY-UPRO software, which provides protocol decode of UFS content present in Data Link layer packet. PGY-UFS software extracts UFS information present in data link packet and displays in UFS Protocol Information Unit (UPIU). PGY-UFS has flexibility of displaying only UFS protocol content or UFS and UniPRO data for easy debugging purpose.

The product features are as follows:

  • UniPro and LLI Protocol Decoder enables faster system level protocol debugging
  • Conforms to UniPro Protocol Specification version 1.6and LLI Protocol version 1.0
  • Conforms to UFS Protocol Specification Version 2.0
  • Supports NRZ (Non-Return-to-Zero) and PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) signalling schemes
  • Configurable four lane simultaneous protocol decode helps to correlate the lane to lane events
  • Autolink of decoded data from list table to oscilloscope waveform for easy protocol debug at phy layer
  • Powerful UniPRO/LLI Protocol aware trigger fearures using Option ST6G serial trigger feature of oscilloscopes
  • Triggering supports PWM, NRZ and 8b/10B encoded data schemes
  • Detail view provides a comprehensive protocol and physical layer data correlation
  • Frame listing and frame description provides comprehensive protocol layer information
  • Each frame is displayed in detail as per UniPro and LLI Standard specification document
  • Automated CRC computation to monitor CRC errors in protocol packet
  • Markers enables time measurement between messages in different lanes
  • Software automatically identifies the signalling scheme and gear for hassle free protocol analysis
  • Bus diagram functions such as zoom, un-zoom, pan, fit to screen, synchronize functions enables easy data analysis
  • Supports oscilloscope live channels, Tektronix .wfm waveform files
  • Generates comprehensive and customizable reports
  • Ability to export the protocol details to txt and csv file formats

Oscilloscopes Supported
The following Tektronix oscilloscopes are supported:

  • DPO/MSO/DSA 70000 Series

Ordering Information
The ordering information is as follows:

  • PGY-UPRO MIPI-MPHY-UniPro Protocol Decode Software
  • PGY-LLI MIPI-MPHY-LLI Protocol Decode Software
  • PGY-UFS MIPI-UFS Protocol decode Software (Pre-requisite PGY-UPRO)
  • (Shipment includes CD with PGY- software and license key
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