PGY-UFS 4.0-PA, UFS4.0 Protocol Analzyer

UFS Protocol Analyzer (PGY-UFS 4.0-PA) is the Protocol Analyzer with multiple features that offers protocol data capture and debug of data across MPHY, UniPro and UFS protocol layers. PGY-UFS4.X-PA, UFS Protocol Analyzer, allows for instantaneous decoding of UFS, UniPro and MPHY layers with flexibility to correlate decoded data across these protocol layers. PGY-UFS 4.0-PA, UFS Protocol Analyzer is the industry-first working and tested UFS 4.0 Protocol Analyzer.

PGY-UFS 4.0-PA, UFS4.0 Protocol Analzyer

PGY-UFS 4.0-PA supports PWMG1 to HSG5B data rates and two TX, two RX lane decode. The active probe has minimum electrical loading on the device under test (DUT) and captures protocol data without affecting the performance of DUT. PGY-UFS 4.0-PA Protocol Analyzer supports two-lane data. Comprehensive on-the-fly decoding of UniPro & UFS data enables validation of communication between UFS host and device.

PGY-UFS 4.0-PA Protocol Analyzer allows Design and Test Engineers to obtain deep insight into UFS  host and device communication. MPHY/UniPRO/UFS packet-based triggering allows specific protocol data capture and analysis. PGY-UFS Protocol analyzer instantaneously provides decoding of UFS,  UniPro, and MPHY layers with a correlation to MPHY, UniPro, and UFS layers.

Solder down active probes allows probing the MPHY test points. This allows the design and test engineers to capture UFS traffic between the host and UFS memory with high signal fidelity. Today’s test engineers need to test the use case scenarios in their labs that mimic real-life use cases. The PGYUFS 4.0-PA, UFS Protocol Analyzer has been designed to enable engineers to closely monitor and analyze the traffic between the host and the device while executing the various use case scenarios.



Windows based protocol analysis software provides industry best protocol correlation between UFS  to UniPro and MPHY layers. Time correlation between the different protocol layers significantly  reduces debug time of designs. Floating window design of this software allows engineers to view UFS  view, UniPro view and MPHY view on different computer monitors and automatically correlate the UFS packets to MPHY layer. This makes analysis very easy while analyzing the gigabytes of Protocol information.

Test Setup


PGY-UFS 4.0-PA UFS Protocol Analyzer interfaces to solder down probe tips using mSMP flexi coax  cables. The active probe tips are powered by power module which is powered by PGY UFS4.0-PA.  Protocol Analyzer is interfaced to host computer using USB3.0 interface. High-speed host connectivity  and 16GB buffer enables continuous streaming of protocol data to host SSD and storage for longer  period of time. Software offers multi-view such as MPHY view, UniPro view and UFS View. Each view lists the respective protocol packets and its details with correlation of each layer for easy debug. Lightweight Analyzer is easy to carry during field visit.


UFS Protocol Layer


PGY-UFS 4.0-PA Software can display each UFS packet parameter in a listing window. Right-click lists all the packet parameters for user selection. Users can color code the fonts or background color for easy identification for each UFS packet.

PACP And Unipro View

PGY-UFS 4.0-PA Software separates the PACP packets in a separate view for easy analysis of power mode change packets and link to UniPro packets. Users can view the MPHY states stall, prepare, sync information in UniPro view apart from user selection for DL_Data and AFC/NACK Packet details.

Error Events, Search and Filter


PGY-UFS 4.0-PA Software does the live decode and list all the events. The list of events are shown in this picture. Users can easily note the errors in captured protocol data. In large buffer capture, it takes extremely difficult to locate the errors. But PGY UFS4.0-PA software simplifies this by listing events while decoding the captured data. Search and Fliter allows you directly locate the error events or UFS or UniPro or PACP packet in the protocol listing windows. Filter-in and Filter-out makes it easy view the data of interest in the protocol listing window.

Comprehensive Protocol Analysis Using Multi-View

PGY-UFS 4.0-PA UFS Protocol Analyzer provides USB 3.0 interface for host computer connectivity.  High-speed host connectivity enables continuous streaming of protocol data to host HDD and storage  for long period of time. Software offers multi-view such as MPHY view, UniPro view and UFS View. Each view lists the respective protocol packets and its details with correlation of each layer for easy debug.

PGY Protocol Analyzer’s easy to use interface, reduces the protocol analysis time. Time stamped view of protocol decode listing provides easy view of protocol activities between host and the device. At a  click of a button, user can view the decode of each packet and the intended function. Floating window software architecture allows the user to view each protocol layer on separate monitors for easy  debug. Autocorrelation of each selected packet from UFS to MPHY layers simplifies the debug activity.



Trigger Specifications


Solder Down Probe Tips for UFS3.0 and 3.1

Probing UFS signal is one of the key challenges in reliable UFS protocol decode. In most of the DUT, test points are located close to each other without enough space to solder the probe tips. Prodigy Technovations offers three types of 14 Gbps Probe tips which provides flexibility to choose the probe tips to meet the need. P5021-L and P5021-L-WE Probe tips has isolation resistor which can be changed based signal strength at test points. This helps in reducing reflections while accessing the test point and maintaining the signal integrity. The passive equalizer in P5021-L-WE helps in maintaining the differential impedance between the lanes. If test points are easily accessible, then P5021 probe  tip can be used to probe the test points.


Solder Down Probe Tips for UFS 4.0

Prodigy Technovations provides innovative solder down active probe tips, which can equalize the MPHY signals upto MPHY HSG5B speed and amplify the signal to support cable loss in mSMP cable and PCB trace in analyzer. These probe tips are tested with real world UFS4.0 host/device test and development platform.

If you need probe card/tips with mSMP connector to mate with device under test mSMP connector, please contact Prodigy Technovations at [email protected]

Ordering Information

PGY-UFS 4.0-PA UFS 4.0 Protocol Analyzer
(Shipment includes Hardware, software CD, One set probe, USB 3.0, Ethernet Cable and Power Adapter)
Note: Supports UFS2.0/2.1/3.0/3.1

Warranty Information

Hardware and software carries a warranty of 1 year.
Probes are covered for a 3-month warranty for any manufacturing defects




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