PGY-100G 802.3_2015 BERT and Analyzer

PGY-100G-802.3_2015 is the instrument that enables the design and test engineers to test the 100G Ethernet interface for its BER by configuring PGY-100G as 100G 802.3 traffic generator with error injection and error correction capability in real-time to validate the overall performance of interface.

PGY-100G 802.3_2015 BERT and Analyzer

Key Features:

● Fully Compliant to IEEE802.3bm – 2015 Standard
● Flexibility to transmit Fixed, PRBS, and Incremental pattern
● Reed Solomon Encoder, Decoder as per standard
● Random and Burst Error injection. The error rate is programmable
● Error injection in RS Layer and PCS after RS encoder
● Transmit and Receive Statistics include RMON and extensive error counts
● Option to bypass scrambling, RS encoder
● Real-time Transmitter and Receiver throughput display with a programmable frame rate
● Fixed frame sizes from 64 bytes to 9600 bytes or Random Size.


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